About us

Primealert Secure Limited is an emergency response unit that provides prompt response and solutions to emergency situations using our LifeSaver Devices and our App.​
The PrimeAlert LifeSaver Devices comes with SOS devices that can be placed anywhere in your homes, offices, schools, the marketplace, etc These devices are customizable and portable. ​
Our services are not confined to certain locations or network service, we are available 24/7 with highly trained multilingual professionals.
Our goal is to serve with and integrity and diligence.
With PrimeAlert, Help is Just A Button Away!

From The CEOs Desk

PrimeAlert was birthed as a result of the lack of a quality security system in Nigeria and the quest for Life Insurance and a low mortality rate.​

Over the years, we have had threats to our lives and security as a nation and as individuals, because of this, the country has continued to decline in the Global Peace Index in Safety and Security.​

Our goal is to ensure SAFETY FIRST. We are the middle men between emergency and solutions. For this cause, we decided to use the newest technology in security systems which is The PrimeAlert LifeSaver Device, the first of its kind in Nigeria. With this device, regardless of your location and network situation we would locate you and send a rescue team to you. ​

The quality of our internal structure is built to deliver the best service using the best and newest forms of technology. We believe that in ensuring safety and security our social responsibility should be in investing in new forms that can changed the society which is a top-notch technology system. We have highly-trained professionals in our medical, tactical and rescue team. Our call center is available 24/7 with trained multi-lingual call agents.​

With PrimeAlert, help is just a button away.​

We are ready to serve.