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PrimeAlert was founded on the basis of providing solutions and answering emergency and non-emergency calls in a prompt, efficient, and professional manner while dispatching the appropriate response, will help save lives, protect property, and assist citizens in their time of need

We ensure the full protection of our clients by deploying cutting edge emergency alert technology and very efficient 24/7 multilingual emergency call centers.

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Nigeria’s Most Trusted Emergency Alert Provider
Customers love PrimeAlert, but don't just take our word for it.
PrimeAlert takes a very hands-on approach to customer service. Customer care representatives spend time to ensure the customer is getting everything they need and that their loved one is protected."
Adam Sali
Civil Servant
One of the most reliable and affordable device in the market today
John Chris
I think I’m careful, but you never know what’s going to happen."
Mike Lassan

easy installation

No wires or plugs required, battery designed, you can place it anywhere

loud volume

up to 110db, when triggered, the loud sounds not only draws your attention but also attracts the attention of the passers-by

smart information

When people are not on the scene, PrimeAlert emergency centre receive alerts via Dial&SMS from the alarm

water proof design

Rated IP44, waterproof for outdoor use

long standby

Low power design to save energy, can operate in the standby mode for long

range of application

Ideal for use at Home, Hotel, Office, Apartment, Villa, School, Hospital, Warehouse, Estates, etc

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